The tech industry is changing and advancing every year, expanding in new and unexpected directions. Science fiction writers in the 1950s predicted that most people would have jetpacks and flying cars by now, but much to our chagrin, most of us do not.

It’s probably too hard to make predictions about what programs, devices, and computers will look like in 50 years, but how about what it will it look like in 2017 and beyond? That seems a little more doable. Here are our predictions for the three of the hottest tech trends to watch for in the next few years.

1.Internet of Things and SmartHome Technology

We’ve been promised the idea of “smart homes” with synchronized, intelligent appliances for years. What’s the hold up; why aren’t we fully-integrated yet?

While there are many standalone “smart appliances”, there hasn’t been enough cooperation across companies to make a single network on which all these appliances could “talk” to each other. But according to CNN the advent of this technology is on the horizon, and when it’s here, look out for the torrent of shiny new smart appliances.

2. Machine Learning and AI technologies

Machine learning is an exciting form of artificial intelligence that has exploded in the last few years. It has bolstered the strength of Google search, and promises to make apps and devices more useful.

It has endless applications, from providing better data and providing the desired customer experience.

The experts at Gartner Inc. (a firm that specializes in IT research) agree. They predict a rise in A.I. services, like virtual personal assistants.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

In an age where most people have relatively new smartphones, AR and VR technology are everywhere. While the popularity of Pokemon Go has waned, its 100 million plus downloads ensure that companies will continue to attempt to create successful AR and VR apps, games, and devices. From providing a more immersive gaming experience, it’s an exciting new frontier for games, movies, and marketing.

Will the Predictions be Accurate? Time Will Tell…

The tech world is unpredictable, but these three innovations seem to be the way the winds are currently blowing. We don’t have a crystal ball or a set of tarot cards, but we still feel like these three trends are going to dominate the tech industry for the next few years.

Keep your eyes out for these trends–we predict they’ll all be very big in the next few years. Let us know your opinions and predictions too; comment or share this article with your friends.