While it may seem that Apple has reached its highest peak in the tech industry, we can all assume that the tech giant is constantly reinventing not only the ways in which they conduct business, but also understanding how consumers can better utilize their products.


Arguably progressing far faster than the health industry itself, there is a possibility that in addition to the various watches and mobile devices Apple has created the tech giant could potentially collaborate with a health agency or health insurance company. As Apple continues to reimplement the mantra centered around data and technology to improve the task of day to day life, moving forward to improve consumer’s health with convenient tools is definitely not out of the question.

apple logoThe Mobile Phone

One of the key components that make Apple products so special within the tech industry is the company’s ability to create flexible, visually appealing screens for their users. It is clear that Apple has created a trend in the tech industry, with most, if not all manufacturers have used this technique and applied it to their devices.


As seen by the Virgin America and Nest partnership, there is also a strong chance that Apple will also become  integrated in the travel industry. With more consumers using technology to change their daily routine, users are already relying on their mobile devices to check in, stay informed about their flight, and host their boarding pass. It is Apple’s business model to constantly reinvent, evolve and better the ways they shape the tech industry, so travel could be the next industry that the tech giant could tap into.

The Search Engine

Although Apple doesn’t currently have any business interests within the search engine realm, this could pose as a potential area of interest for the company.  Apple could create a general digital search product, which could in turn challenge the current state of affairs available to internet users all across the world. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Microsoft may have to improve, completely reinvent or upgrade how their product services to a wide spectrum of internet users.


An important quality that has allowed Apple to reach this level of global success is the company’s ability to apply integration to how they create and market their products to consumers. Applying Apple products in various means of transportation would produce an even more integrated way to sit in a cab or take the train to work in the morning. Various sources confirm that Apple will either acquire Tesla or create their own hybrid electric and solar powered self-driving vehicle.