Technology appears to change every single day. There are always new tech trends and tech apps developing, and as the start of a new year approaches, this is a fascinating time. Here is a look at some tech apps to keep your eye on heading into 2017.


Quuu helps people create content according to the audience that you are trying to reach. Quuu will send content to you based on whatever pace you choose.


Yotpo helps people collect the best user generated content from Instagram. You can create a collection of photos from your customers and influencers, as well as yourself.


Refind can help you discover links that have been previously saved so you can have access to them when you need them. Due to Refind’s extension technology, you can simply click the extension button to save a link. You can see how many people saved the link to judge its popularity and quality. Refind also has a read soon feature that helps you save content that you plan to read within the next two weeks.


Video creation is one of the most popular tech trends at the moment, and Rocketium looks to capitalize on that. Rocketium helps you choose different aspect ratios that you can use to publish. Rocketium will then resize your captions so that you won’t have to manually choose a vertical or square version.


Yala uses machine learning technology to find the best time to post to Twitter and Facebook. Yala allows you to change your publishing frequency. You can schedule a text post or an image with a text accompanying it. Machine learning helps you update your posting times to make things easier for you.


Reveal helps you look at your social media metrics and manage your advertising campaigns. You will receive alerts when their are changes to your rates. Reveal helps you stay updated on everything, while giving you weekly and monthly reports of your status. You can also receive money saving alerts when your rates significantly change.


Snaplytics can help you with metrics from the app Snapchat. This way you will not have to collect the information manually. This will help you learn about your connection with influencers and marketers. Snaplytics will help you find out about your follower growth, and your stats, such as the number of opens and screenshots for each story. You can hire a talent service to assist you in finding influencers.