Apple continues to dominate and dazzle the tech industry with its stylish and sleek designs and its revolutionary innovation. It is such a technology juggernaut in 2015, that can be difficult to remember where it all started. Here is a quick rundown of just how far Apple has come:

Apple really started back in 1983 with the Apple Lisa. Lisa was very quickly overshadowed by the more commonly known Macintosh (release one year later), but it was the Apple Lisa that was the birth child of Steve Job’s imagination. It is considered the first PC and was the first directed towards individual users.

Striped_apple_logoThe Macintosh 128K was the first to be announced under the name Apple Macintosh. It is the first of the long line of products that have been shortened to simply, iMac. Also, it is known for the infamous commercial with the tagline, “On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like Nineteen Eighty-Four.” This received criticism because most didn’t view it as living up to its claims.

In 1997 came the eMate 300. It was second design of a portable computing device. It came after the Macintosh Portable that didn’t last long. Unsatisfied with the product, Jobs discontinued it too just a year later.

Then, in the late nineties came the iMac G3 and the iBook G3. They both became huge hits and helped solidify Apple as an innovator. The iMac G3 was recognized for its eye-catching design and its drive for CD’s instead of floppy disks. The iBook G3 provided customers with affordable laptops, but in 2003 the line was discontinued to make way for her superior: the Macbook Pro.

iPods were the sound heard around the world, and they marked the start of a new direction for the company. It was also the origin of new MP3 world and is included in the most revolutionary products to ever hit the tech industry.

With a switch from PowerPC to an Intel Chip, the iMac was introduced in 2006, and it is recognized as Apple’s return to personal computers.

After demonstrating the best in computers and music, Apple headed into new territory and created one of its most popular products ever. In 2007 the smartphone was birthed with the iPhone, and it has forever changed the cell phone market.

Although many expected it to fail, the iPad tablet has been just as revolutionary as Apple’s other products, creating a whole new market. Since 2010, more than 250 million iPads have been sold.

This year, the Apple watch was introduced, and it was also not projected to do that well as it was not what many had hoped for in terms of innovation. Regardless, it has received positive reviews from consumer and has proved to be profitable.

Info courtesy of Crave Online.