With Virtual Reality (VR) becoming increasingly popular now is the time to grab a cheap VR viewer like Google Cardboard or an Unofficial Cardboard headset. Or maybe even the brand new and more advanced headset development Oculus Rift . Well, whichever headset is being used, these are the hottest apps in VR that are being offered and used right now.


Now offering romantic sunsets and extreme ski slope action is Youtube. Most recently debuted is the 360 Channel, which is home to a constantly growing selection of 360 degree and VR content. Also on the channel is a new feature that allows the user to view any Youtube video in VR mode. But this feature is fairly new so the quality isn’t always 100% but look to see improvements in this area in the future. This unique feature of Youtube doesn’t require a VR headset either making it something to be tried right now.


The New York Times is making waves in the tech world, they are currently offering of the most interesting experiences on the VR market. In this app many cinematic experiences can be found, including World Trade Center 1 and a virtual tour of the infamous quasi-planet, Pluto. This app is evidence of the technological emphasis that the Times has put on their business in the past months. The Times also suggests the use of a VR viewer with the app for an optimal experience.

Virtual Reality Moon

On this new app, viewers are taken to the moon for a 360 VR experience of Earth’s counterpart the Moon. With certain additional features offered on many headsets, viewers can virtually walk around the surface of the moon and witness the closest thing to actually going to the moon. No NASA requirements necessary, so be sure to check this app out.

appRelaxation VR

This app can help and person relax and meditate after a stressful day at work. With unique 360 video clips of relaxing locations all over the world this app is sure to drop your jaw. This app can also help guide users through yoga and meditation classes with matching backdrops. Although this app is going to cost $1, it is well worth the purchase via iOS or Android.


Recently purchased by the Huffington Post is the RYOT VR app. This app is home to VR documentaries that take place all over the world. This app can be a unique way to get educated on serious issues from all over the world. Don’t just watch the documentaries, experience them with this state of the art VR productions app. This app prides itself on the basis that RYOT is looking to help people gain a better understanding of experiences, by merely putting them there, in that moment.