To keep consumers engaged and ready for new, upcoming releases, companies sometimes have somewhat evolved from celebrity endorsed deals, while making strides to increase customer satisfaction through different methods such as technological innovation. Technological innovation is now a key factor that separates not only products in the competitive spectrum, but has the potential of weeding out certain companies consumers may feel are not constantly improving their products to meet their demands. Since innovation is a primary asset to any product, below are some invisible tech innovations that consumers are raving about.

Although there are many tech innovations, there are two highlighted products that are worth mentioning. First, the Intel Core M Processor is one of a kind, containing 1.3 billion 14 nanometer transistors with a dual-core system that increases power while simultaneously reducing cost. Along with these useful qualities of the Intel Core M Processor, low power consumption and low heat production actually give manufacturers the leeway to create thinner laptops for their loyal customers, making competition even more fierce for other tech companies in the industry. In addition, the second innovative form of technology is one that no doubt has the potential of becoming popular for mobile users across the country. Wireless Power Consortium has developed the technology to create the standard for inductive charging with a transmission pad and a receiver. To read more about other great, resourceful invisible tech innovations click the link here.